Preparatory Courses for Competitive and Promotion Exam – 2023

1. The USI of India runs correspondence courses for the following competitive/promotion examinations:-

(a) Online CPSC. DSSC/DSTSC. (Ref HQ ARTRAC Letter No A/17031/35/GS/Exam Sec dated 03 Sep 22)
(b) Competitive Examinations. DSSC (Army and Navy) and DSTSC.
(c) Promotion Examinations (Army). Part ‘B’ and Part ‘D’.
(d) Professional Military Education Exam (Navy).


2. Aim-To provide basic knowledge of allotted subjects to enable candidates to carry out detailed professional studies, which will help in competitive exams for DSSC/DSTSC.


3. The conduct of the Command Pre-Staff Course (CPSC) holds unparallel importance for the aspirants of DSSC, as also for the professional military education and career progression of the Indian Army offrs. The conduct of CPSC in two phases; the Offline phase will be conducted by Army Commands for Tac A, Tac B and Adm. Online Phase will be conducted by USI of India for Science & Military Technology (SMT), Current Affairs (CA) and Mil History (MH) is a welcomed step with many advantages like increased availability of offrs in the Army, such as overcoming the shortage of psc qualified offrs in fmns, flexibility, Units having more offrs appearing can stagger attendance, not so serious offrs getting filtered by payment model. This will result in saving in Revenue expenditure (TA/DA, ACG, ATG, Messing etc). Online trg is a positive transformation in trg for the future, making the best available tech and minimizing cost without compromising on the quality of trg, which is being extensively used in almost all universities, schools as well as the commercial sector. This model of trg will remain uninterrupted, even if there is a pandemic or any other disruption.

Proposed Modalities of Conduct of Online Phase

4. It’s an honour for USI of India to be entrusted with conducting the Online Phase of CPSC from 2023. USI of India has long-standing and proven credentials, with excellent results in the conduct of preparatory courses for DSSC/DSTSC and other promotion exams for the Army and Navy. USI of India has the requisite expertise, faculty, institutional knowledge, infrastructure, resources and facilities for undertaking the Online model of CPSC (Brochure att). USI has successfully conducted Online and Hybrid contact pgmes using virtual facilities in the last three years.

5. Subjects. The Online Phase of CPSC will include Current Affairs (CA), Science and Mil Tech (SMT) and Mil History (MH).

6. Duration. The total duration of CPSC will continue to be for 42 days (28 days Contact Phase to be conducted by Commands and 14 days Online Phase to be conducted by USI of India).

7. Schedule. Multiple Online Courses will be conducted to provide suitable options/flexibility to aspirant offrs to attend the course as per org/pers commitments. Repeated Two-week online CPSC courses will commence from 20 Feb 2023 and will continue till the end of 08 May 2023, depending upon the No of students registered for each course with a gap of two days between two capsules. Suitable adjustments will be made to ensure that the Course strength in any course doesn’t exceed 150 offrs. The tentative schedule given out by HQ ARTRAC is as under :

(a). Contact Ph.


Ser No COMD Contact Ph (28 Days)
(i) SW 23 Jan – 18 Feb
(ii) NC 30 Jan – 25 Feb
(iii) EC 06 Feb – 04 Mar
(iv) WC 13 Feb – 11 Mar
(v) SC 20 Feb – 18 Mar


(b). Online Ph.

Ser No Online Ph (14 Days)
(i) 20 Feb – 04 Mar
(ii) 06 Mar – 18 Mar
(iii) 20 Mar – 01 Apr
(iv) 03 Apr – 15 Apr
(v) 17 Apr – 29 Apr
(vi) 01 May – 13 May
(vii) 15 May – 27 May

8. Modalities. In the conduct of the Online Phase of CPSC, all the facilities offered to offrs in the erstwhile offline CPSC of 2022 will be replicated, albeit in online mode. Modalities of attendance by the offrs will be over civil internet platforms through comptrs/mobile phones with 4G/5G connectivity. The Online Course will be conducted on the WEBEX video conferencing tool. Min-three days of instructional activities and one day of mock tests for each subject (SMT, MH, CA) will be ensured. The curriculum for all batches of CPSC will be the same, with minor improvements based on the feedback as the course progresses. The detailed instructions for online attendance, mock tests, and discussions on corrected answer sheets are attached. The Online package will comprise of: –

(a) Online classes.

(b) Doubt-clearing sessions.

(c) One Mock test per subject. The corrected answer sheet will be discussed between DS and offr who attempted it on google meet.

(d) Lectures by specialists, including some serving offrs.

(e) Issue of printed Precis, handouts, updates and other study mtrl.

(f) Audio and visual presentations, video clips.

(g) Post Course guidance by tele conversation/video conferencing at offrs request, with specialized DS.

9. Study Mtrl. Printed Precis for each subject (MH, SMT and CA) will be issued. USI will undertake the prep and printing of the Precis and study material for the allotted subjects, which will be issued duly approved by ARTRAC. The distribution to the offrs registered for CPSC will commence by USI of India after registration by the offrs with USI. Only printed Precis will be watermarked with Index No specific to offr registered instead of soft copies earlier being disseminated by ARTRAC through WAN. Precis of Tac A, Tac B and Adm will continue to be issued by HQ ARTRAC through WAN as earlier.

10. Registration.USI of India will open registration from 01 October 2022 for all courses scheduled in 2023, including Online CPSC. The subscription fees for Online CPSC will be as under: –

(a) All three subjects – Rs 15000 (13500 CPSC fees + 1500 USI membership fees).

(b) Two Subjects – Rs 13000 (11500 CPSC fees + 1500 USI membership fees).

(c) One Subject – Rs 7500. (6000 CPSC fees + 1500 USI membership fees).


11. Aim. The USI correspondence courses aim to assist service officers in preparing for the selected examination systematically and comprehensively throughout the year through interactive guidance and corrections.

12. The correspondence courses are essentially in the nature of revision courses and, therefore, pre-suppose a certain degree of pre-course study on the part of officers, including Comd Pre-Staff Courses (CPSC).

13. The conduct of the correspondence courses is through the despatch at regular intervals of test papers for subjects as applicable to the selected examination. These test papers are set by experienced instructors on the pattern of the actual examination and cover all important aspects of subjects in a graduated manner. The final test paper in each subject covers the entire syllabus for the subject and is virtually a full dress rehearsal just before the actual examination.

14. Students are required to answer the test papers in their own time under examination conditions and send the answer sheets to the USI indicating Subject, Test Paper No and Course Index No. Each answer sheet is corrected by an experienced Directing Staff in detail and returned to the officer along with detailed comments and personal guidance notes. Answer sheets will only be corrected which are received 30 days before the actual exam. Besides, suggested answers to the test papers are also sent for guidance from students.

15. Study material including specifically prepared maps for Military History (prepared for the USI by experienced Directing Staff) designed to make the understanding of the prescribed military campaign and biographical character easier, with the required application of op art and relevance in the current context as prescribed in the syllabus is provided to the students taking the course.

16. Similarly, for Current Affairs, quarterly supplements (collated for the USI by experienced Directing Staff) comprehensively covering the International and Domestic scenes are made available to the students taking the course.

17. The Course has been remodelled as an ‘Interactive Course’. Enrolment to correspondence course entitles its students, free of cost detailed clarification and amplification on the subject(s) raised by the students. The offrs have been regularly asking questions and have been very active from the time it started.


18. Enrolment to the USI Correspondence Course is open to all eligible service officers at any time during the currency of the respective course.

19. Membership of USI of India is a mandatory pre-requisite to joining any USI Correspondence Course.

20. Existing USI members desirous of joining a course may apply to the Chief Instructor, USI of India, enclosing the necessary tuition fees (shown against each examination in the attached Appendix) along with the following details:-

(a). USI membership number.

(b). Service number.

(c). Rank.

(d). Name.

(e). Unit and parent arm/service.

(f). Address on which the course material is required to be sent.

(g). No. of Subject(s) indicating the course and year of examination.

(h). Email address and mob phone number.

21. Service officers can become ordinary/life/course members of the USI by applying on the requisite application form, which is available on our website,, furnishing proof of identity and pay the necessary subscription as follows: –

(a) Life Membership Fee (Valid for 20 yrs from date of Membership). Rs 12,000.00
(b) Ordinary Membership (Block of three yrs commencing 01 Apr)
(i) Entrance Fee Rs 1000.00 Rs 4000.00
(ii) Subscription Rs 3000.00
(iii) Renewal Fee Rs 3000.00
(c) Course Membership Fee (for one course and one yr) Rs 1500.00

(Note – Facilities for Life and Ordinary members are the same. A grace period of two months up to 31 May is allowed for renewal at the prevailing rate. Thereafter, the entrance fee is to be paid again. No notice is sent for renewal. For conversion from Ordinary to Life Membership, only the entrance fee portion will be adjusted. Course Membership is not renewable and is valid for one course only.)

22. In addition to a membership subscription, the officers are required to remit the applicable tuition fee for the course and postal charges (as per Para 37, if applicable). The complete amount is to be remitted in advance along with the completed membership form.

23. Applicants should clearly indicate in their application form whether they want to join the complete course or specific applicable subject(s) only. Payment can also be made by net banking. The application forms and identity proof can also be sent through email as a scanned copy/snapshot of the requisite documents. Payments can also be made by ‘A/c Payee’ bank draft or local/Multi-city (at par) cheque in favour of ‘the Director, United Service Institution of India’ (payable at New Delhi). No outstation cheques and IPOS are accepted.

24. In case it is desired to pay the fees and/or collect the mtrl through a rep, the bearer should be given an auth letter by the offr concerned indicating the indl’s particulars and the particular course/ subjects asked for.

25. The dispatch of study material will commence as per schedule or immediately on receipt of the a/m docu and requisite amount (as applicable).

Course Membership

26. Course Membership of one year was introduced with effect from 01 Oct 2014. The conditions of this membership will be as :-

  • (a). Membership will commence on the date amount is deposited and will end 365 days later. Course membership is not renewable and is applicable for one course only.
  • (b). Only those Armed Forces Officers will be eligible who are joining a course (Part – B, D, DSSC, DSTSC or PME Navy) in part or for all subjects.
  • (c). Membership fee will be Rs 1500/-, in addition to the course fee.
  • (d). The Journal will not be supplied (as it's applicable for Life and Ordinary Members) and such members will not have voting rights (as its applicable to Life Members only).
  • (e). Other privileges like the use of the Library, attending talks and concessions in the Restaurant/Residency will be entitled.
  • (f). In case the officer wants to renew the membership, he will again pay the full membership fee provided he is again joining a course again.
  • (g). The rates are liable to be revised at the discretion of the Institution.
  • (h). Membership No will comprise four figures preceded by the letters CM and suffixed with the period in brackets, eg, CM/0001 (up to 30 Sep 23).

27. Membership form for this membership is available on our website The complete process for membership and registration can be done on the internet and the offr need not get involved in the paper correspondence.


28. Withdrawal from a course is not normally permitted. However, if during the first two months of commencement of the course, a student is unable to continue the course, either due to exigencies of service or circumstances beyond his control, his withdrawal may be considered, as a special case. In such cases, the student will be required to: –

  • a. Make an application giving detailed reasons for withdrawal from the course.
  • b. Return all the coaching material issued to him.
  • c. Pay actual expenses incurred by the USI. This amount will be decided by the USI in each case. The decision of USI will be final.

29. In the event of a student’s withdrawal from a course, the entrance and membership fees will not be refunded. After deducting the appropriate amount as per sub-para (c) above and after receipt of the coaching material, the balance can be refunded to him at the discretion of USI of India.

30. In case the course is cancelled due to any reason, only the tuition fee will be refunded to the extent decided by USI.

Course Material

31. The course material issued to officers is the copyright of USI of India, New Delhi. Its reproduction by any means and/or further distribution to others under any conditions is prohibited. It is issued to individual officers only for their personal use, who are resp for its security. The Precis will be watermarked with Index Nos to fix accountability in case of any proliferation.

32. Some of the material issued could be classified in nature and the officers to whom it is issued, are personally responsible for its safe custody as laid down in security orders applicable in the Defence Services.

33. The course material is not supplied to any officer on the membership of another officer.

34. The course mtrl will cover the entire syllabus of the course in an easy-to-understand form. Care will be taken not to increase the info overload of offrs by duplicating mtrl already issued to the offrs by Exam Sec. The suggested answers will be in the form of model answers adhering to the required word limit and following the principle of being ‘Clear, Concise and Logical’. The current affairs will cover topics till a month prior to the exam. The course material is not for an issue to units/formations/institutions/libraries, as it is to guide the indloffr in improving his peculiar weaknesses specific to the offr.

35. The USI will be issuing certain selected study material (only open source mtrl) to the student officers as soft copies for speedy delivery and comprehension (This would not include question and answer papers). Most of the study mtrl will also be issued as hard copies, and some in soft copies, depending on the security value of the course mtrl and the condition of the pandemic.

Administrative Instructions

36. Detailed general instructions and a programme of the work will be issued to the students at the commencement of each course. Officers who join a course and become life members of USI are sent a letter of welcome that contains details of all the facilities offered by USI to its members.

37. It has been experienced in the past that course material sent to students, especially those attending courses of instruction in training establishments, is sometimes misplaced. Therefore, on course, students are advised to contact the local postal authorities and avoid the loss. In view of the pandemic and movement of offrs during the courses, it is advised that the offrs ask for study mtrl by speed post by paying Rs 600 for the entire corres course so that the tracking i.d. is available and can be shared in case of postal delays.

38. All correspondence with USI should be done directly by the officers and not through respective units.

39. While in Delhi, officers may visit USI and interact with the Chief Instructor for any assistance/guidance related to correspondence courses.

40. Visiting hours to USI is from 1130-1230 hours and 1400-1545 hours, Monday to Friday (except gazetted holidays).

41. Location Address
USI Complex
Opposite Signals Enclave and EDP Centre
(Adjacent to AWWA Hostel) Rao Tula Ram Marg, Delhi Cantt – 110 010

Tel CI:20862325


Fax: 011-2086 2324

Postal Address
Chief Instructor
USI of India
Post Bag No 8,Vasant Vihar PO,
New Delhi – 110057
Email: [email protected]


42. Three Contact Programmes for DSSC/DSTSC Sep 2022 will be conducted during this year. Normally these are oversubscribed, so register yourself earliest as it is on first cum first serve basis, and get on your preferred dates.

43. In 2022, the contact pgmes will be conducted on the hybrid model. Offrs who want to attend physically will be able to attend in the seminar hall in physical mode and the offrs who have difficulty travelling due to the pandemic or any other reason can join virtually. It will therefore give an opportunity to all offrs to attend contact pgme irrespective of the pandemic situation or their location or any administrative problem. Offrs are advised to make the best use of this facility and register immediately along with the course. The detailed instrs for the Hybrid mode of Contact Pgme will be issued later and will also be displayed on the website.

44. Dates for Contact Programmes:

(i) CP – I –19 to 24 Jun 2023

(ii) CP – II –03 to 08 Jul 2023

(iii) CP – III – 17 to 22 Jul 2023

45. Fee Structure. The cost of CPs is under the:-

(a) Mock Test & Discussion 6000/-

(b) Only mtrl for CP 3000/-

46. Contact Pgme for Part D. In the year 2022, USI is plg to conduct Contact Pgme(s) for offrs appearing in Part D exam from 22 – 27 Aug 22. Affected offrs are advised to register for Contact Pgme and the Correspondence course at the earliest to make full use of the opportunity. It will also be conducted on the hybrid model. Details of the fee for CP – Part D 2022 are as under :-

  • (a) Part D all subjects less Spl to Corps – Rs 5000/-
    (Mock test & Discussion)
  • (b) Part D for selected subject only – Rs 1500/- per subject
    (Mock test & Discussion)
  • (c) Part D only study mtrl for all subjects – Rs 2500/-
  • (d) Part D only studies mtrl for selected subject
    CA, MH, Tac – Rs 1000/- Each subject.
    Adm, Law – Rs 750/- Each subject.

47. All details regarding various courses required by an offr are deployed on our website,, under the courses link. The details and notices are updated on a regular basis. Imp info is displayed on the quick link ‘Msg from CI’. Offrs are advised to visit the website.

Appendix A

(Refers to Para 20 of Prospectus)


Registration Process. The registration process has been made very simple and user-friendly. The process stands reduced to only two emails to CI, USI of India. Membership of USI of India is a mandatory pre-requisite to joining any USI Correspondence Course. The process is as under:-

(a) Non–Member.

  • (i). Open the USI website Download the membership form available on the website.
  • (ii). Fwd scanned copy/snapshot of filled and signed membership form along with id proof (scanned copy/snapshot of canteen card/service cert) or the membership form itself can be countersigned by the staff offr / CO.
  • (iii). E-mail membership form and identity proof, along with the address (where you require study mtrl) to [email protected], asking for USI bank details.
  • (iv). Course Sec will provide Bank details for online payment (Membership plus course fees). Do NEFT tfr/online payment to the given USI Bank account and fwd snapshot of tfr details by email to [email protected].
  • (v). On receipt of payment, regn will be done by USI and you will be intimated your Course Index No. Course mtrl will be desp to your given add by USI as per the schedule.

(b) Existing Members.

  • (i). Membership form or iden proof is not reqd.
  • (ii). Apply to Chief Instr, fwd requisite application for joining the courses/subjects by email on [email protected] quoting your exiting valid membership No.
  • (iii). Course sec will provide Bank details for online payment (only for course fees). Payment can be made as explained
  • (iv). On receipt of payment, regn will be made and you will be intimated your Course Index No. Course mtrl will be desp to your given add by the USI as per the schedule.

Appendix B

(Refers to para 8 of Prospectus – 2023)



The modalities for offers to attend classes online and mock tests including corrections, are as under: –

  • (a) The detailed trgpgme along with the links for all the days will be sent to all offers registered for the course, well before the commencement of the course. Please note that this link is exclusively for your personal use and is Neither Transferable nor for sharing.
  • (b) The course will commence with the lecture of the CI on guidance for preparation, answering technique and other issues related to improving performance at the specified time. All student offers are requested to log in 10 minutes before that. The set of DS conducting the session will also log in 10 min before the scheduled time. There will be three to four sessions per day, including lectures, presentations, discussions, guidance and doubt-clearing sessions. The details of subjects and timings will be given in the trgpgme, which will be issued min one month in advance.
  • (c) Three mock tests (one each for MH, SMT and CA) will be conducted on Saturday and Sunday of the first week and Saturday of the sec week. The question papers for each subject will be dispatched by email to offers who have subscribed for it, on the day of the exam 15 mins prior to the scheduled time for mock tests. Please be ready with your writing material to appear in the exam as soon as you get the email.
  • (d) Offer having appeared for mock test will dispatch their notebooks by speed post imdt for correction. While sending the notebook for correction, please mention your mob No and email address on the notebook for DS.
  • (e) The answer sheet will be corrected and sent back to the offers at the earliest. USI will send the suggested answers on completion of each online course by post. In your own interest, please do not delay dispatching answered notebooks to enable timely discussion on your corrected answered notebook.
  • (f) The corrected Notebook sent to the offers will have the mobile No of the DS on it. The offer on receipt of the notebook will tie up with the DS and org a video call/google meet to discuss his notebook with the DS, who has corrected it, on a one-to-one basis.
  • (g) All DS correcting the answer book of Online Students are requested to put their mob No and keep a snapshot of the general comments for subsequent discussion with the offer as per their convenience. The date and time of the google meet/video call to be at the convenience of the DS, which will be org by the students themselves through a phone call. Snapshots of corrections can also be exchanged between students and DS through WhatsApp to facilitate discussion.

Appendix C

(Refers to Para 20 of Prospectus)


Courses Dates Subjects Tuition Fees Authority
Commencement of Corres-Course Date of Actual Exam All Subjects Each Subject
DSSC / DSTSC (Army) 2ndweek of Nov 2022 Registration open Sep 2023 (a) Tactics ‘A’
(b) Administration, Morale & Military Law
(c) Science & Military Technology
(d) Current Affairs
(e) Military History
(f) Tactics ‘B’
Rs. 8,000/- Rs. 1,300/- for Tac A, Rs. 1,200/- for Adm & ML, Rs. 1,500/- for SMT, Rs 2000/- each for CA & MH, and Rs 3000/- for Tac B. SAO 7/S/2013/GS & Appx A to IHQ of MoD (Army) Letter No A/17053/01/GS/MT-2 dt 24 May 2015.
DSSC (Navy) 2nd week of Jan 2023 Registration open Jun 2023 Paper I-C/PME & SC
(Consisting of Current Affairs, Military/Naval History and Maritime Strategy)
Rs. 3000/-
Part ‘B’ 2nd week of Dec 2022 Registration open Jun 2023 (a) Tactics
(b) Administration, Morale
(c) Military Law
(d) Military History
(e) Current Affairs
Rs. 3,000/- Rs. 1000/- each for MH, Tac & CA

Rs 800/- each for Adm & ML

SAO 11/S/85 &IHQ of MoD (Army) Letter No A/15055/ONLINE/ GS/MT-2 dt 07 Mar 2019.
Part ‘D’ 1st week of Apr 2023 Registration open Oct 2023 (a) Administration , Morale

(b) Tactics
(c) Military Law
(d) Military History
(e) Current Affairs

Rs. 4000/- Rs. 1,000/- each for Adm, & ML.
Rs 1,500/- each for MH, CA & Tac
SAO 11/S/85 &Appx C to IHQ of MoD (Army) Letter No A/17053/01/GS/MT-2 dt 24 May 2015.
1. Special to Corps subject for Part D not conducted.
2. For MH studies sec the attached Annexure.

Annexure Refers to Appendix C of USIProspectus 2022-23




Ser. No Campaign/Biography/ Op Art Prescribed Books Recommended Books Remarks
1. Battles of Medleval India.
(a) Battles of Panipat – 1, II, III.

(b) Battles of Talikota.

(c) Mughal – Sikh Wars.

(d) Battles of Amritsar

(e) Kartarpur.

(f) Battle of Buxar.

(g) Battle of Plassey.

(h) Battle of Seringapatarn.

(i) Battle of Assaye.

(j) Battle of Khadki.

(k) Battle of Vijaydurg.

(l) Gurkha – Sikh Wars.

Battles of Medieval India (AD – 1295 – 1850) by WgCdr (Retd) Dr M.S. Naravane, PhD Medieval India: From Sultanat to the Mughals, Part Two, Mughal Empire (1526 – 1748) by Satish Chandra.
2. Biography
Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Ranjit Singh by Narendra Krishan Sinha, MA, PhD.
3. Minor Study
Arthashastra. Incarnations: A History of India in 50 Lives: Chapter 4 only: “Kautilya – the Ring of Power” by Sunil Khilnani.



Ser. No Campaign/Biography/ Op Art Prescribed Books Recommended Books Remarks
1. Campaign
Indo – Pak War : 1947-48 Slender Was the Thread : Official History of Operations in Jammu & Kashmir (1947-48) by Dr. SN Prasad and Shri Dharam Pal.

In the Nick of Time – Saving Kashmir Valley 1947 – 48 by Col Ajay K Raina, SM

IKashmir confrontation 1947-48 by Lt. Gen. L.P.Sen.
2. Biography
Field Marshal, KM Cariappa. Thimayya of India by Humphery Evans



Ser. No Campaign/Biography/ Op Art Prescribed Books Recommended Books Remarks
1. Campaign
1962 Indo – China War. 1962: The War That Wasn’t by Shiv Kunal Verma. Himalayan Blunder by Brig JP Dalvi (Retd).


2. Study.
The Changing Character of War The New Rules of War: Victory in The Age of Durable Disorder by Sean Mc Fate.