USI Membership

USI Membership

All classes of membership except temporary membership and membership of Service Officers applying for Correspondence Courses being conducted by the USI, will be subject to approval by the Executive Committee. The following are ordinarily eligible to become members of the Institution, with full voting rights:-

  1. Officers of the Armed Forces.
  2. Class 1 Gazetted Officers of the Central Services associated with the field of defence.
  3. Any category mentioned in sub-paras (a) and (b) above will be eligible even though retired or released from the Service.
  4. Cadets from the NDA and Cadets from the Service Academies and Midshipmen.

Only Officers of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Class 1 Gazetted Officers of the Central Services are eligible for membership.

Membership Fee wef 01 Jan 2017 (subject to periodic revisions)

Life Membership
(a)Defence PersonnelRs. 3,000/-Rs. 9,000/-Rs. 12,000/-
(b)Entitled CiviliansRs. 3,000/-Rs. 12,000/-Rs. 15,000/-
Ordinary Membership
(a)Defence PersonnelRs. 1,000/-Rs. 3,000/-Rs. 4,000/-
(For 3 years commencing 01 April)
(b)Entitled CiviliansRs. 1,000/-Rs. 4,000/-Rs. 5,000/-
(For 3 years commencing 01 April)
Grace Period of two months upto 31 May is allowed for renewal of Ordinary Membership at above rate. Thereafter membership fee is to be paid again. No notice is sent.
Associate Membership
For Defence AcademicsRs. 3,000/-Rs. 5,000/-Rs. 8,000/-
(For 3 years commencing 01 April)
Course Membership
Rs. 900/-Rs. 600/-Rs. 1,500/-
(One year)
Membership form can be obtained from the USI.
Bank drafts and local cheques or cash only will be accepted. These may be made out in the name of Director USI of India.
Course Membership
Download Membership Form

USI Membership for Civilian

  1. A new category of membership, Special Member (Civilian), has been introduced at USI.
  2. Eligibility Persons who have distinguished in any field, specially in the field of National / International Security, economics, history and so on are eligible to be enrolled as Special Member (Civilian).
  3. Duration Duration of such membership is 10 YEARS, and renewable thereafter as per terms and conditions as applicable then. Application form is for Rs 200/- each.
  4. Membership Fee Special Member (Civilian) (Valid for 10 Years from date of Membership).
*Special Member(Civilian)Rs. 5,000/-Rs. 20,000/-As per terms and conditions applicable at the time of expiry.
*Adult Children Of Life Members(Civilians & Defence both)Rs. 5,000/-Rs. 15,000/-– do –
(Onetime subscription to be paid by bank transfer / demand draft / local cheque drawn in favour of “Director USI”)
  1. Facilities Provided
    1. Library services.
    2. Can attend Lectures, discussions, seminars.
    3. Can apply for research projects and publication of their original work.
    4. Use of accommodation and restaurant facilities in USI.
    5. Can hire auditorium / seminar rooms.
    6. 10% discount on F & B at ‘Retreat’.
    7. Rooms at ‘Residency’ and booking of ‘Pavilion’ for small get-together.
  1. Contact
(a)Telephone:Exchange – 2086 2320, 2086 2321, 2086 2314 Extn: 205
Director Adm, Direct – 2086 2316
(b)Fax:2086 2324
Special Membership (Civilian) Form available in USI Office


Particulars of Bank Account: No. 90722010002326
Account Type: SB Account
Name of the Bank: Canara Bank
Name of the Branch: AGI Bhavan
Address: AGI Bhavan, Rao Tula Ram Marg, New Delhi-110057
Telephone No: 26141189
9 Digit Code No of the Bank and Branch
appearing on the MICR cheque issued by
the bank
: 110015431
IFSC Code of the bank Branch: CNRB0019072
Swift Code of the Bank Branch: CNRBINBBBFD
Online Payment:

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