Check-in/out timings for using the Library are as follows:-

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 1000 hrs to 1600 hrs
Every Saturday – 1000 hrs to 1400 hrs
(Lunch Break 1300 hrs to 1345 hrs)

The Library remains closed on Sundays and gazetted holidays.

Direct borrowing privilege is extended to members and they can to draw upto two books for a period of four weeks on their Membership Card. New books are issued only for two weeks. Books are to be drawn and returned personally or through authorized representatives, but never through post or courier.
USI Research Fellows are permitted to draw upto four books for a period of one month during the currency of their fellowship. The following documents are not issued :- 1. Reference Books and reference material. 2. Books more than 30 years old. Exceptions may be made by Deputy Director and Editor/Dy Director ( Adm) 3. Rare Books. 4. Magazines


If a book is not available for issue, it may be reserved by the member by getting the entry made in the computer at the Circulation Counter. Telephone No. and address of the member should be entered to facilitate action.

Delay in Returning Books

After due date of return, a telephonic message, or a letter if necessary, will be sent to the member concerned to return the book. If the book is still not received, the matter will be brought to the notice of the Deputy Director and Editor for further necessary action.

Loss of Books by Members

If a book is lost by a member or if he fails to return it for two months, the cost will be recovered from the member as under:-
1. If available in market – full replacement cost + 25 per cent.
2. If not available in market and printing date within 10 years – Twice the publishers’ price.
3. If not available in market and printing date more than 10 years old – Four times the publishers’ price.

Also Please Note:
1. Members are expected to handle the books, pages of documents with care, and not mark anything (even in pencil).
2. All users of the Library are required to sign in and out on arrival and departure.
3. Bags and all personal belongings must be deposited at the carrels kept at the entrance of the library.
4. Use of mobile phone and music player is not allowed in the Library.
5. Conversation should be kept to a minimum to avoid disturbing other users.
6. Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted inside the library.