Staff Rides 

The USI CMHCS tri-service Staff Ride concept is based on the principle that the study of historical military campaigns and battles emphasises the enduring nature of warfare as well as its changing character. Confronting the realities of the former and managing the latter, are eternal challenge to the soldier and commander in particular. Especially as the modern officer is not now often engaged on operations of significant scale, the value of Staff Rides in keeping the conceptual component of fighting power in good order is being freshly appreciated in professional armed forces.

As part of this project, the first Staff Ride was conducted for a period of 4 days jointly with the British High Commission, New Delhi and Service HQs. It covered the sites of 1857 in Delhi. It instructed and educated service officers in various aspects of strategy, tactics and doctrine through the medium of military history, in keeping with the requirements of the Indian military requirement. It was attended by officers of the India & UK Armed Forces.

After the success of the first Staff Ride, USI-CMHCS conducted a two day Staff Ride focused on the Chhamb battles of 1965-1971. It was organized at Kachreal, Jammu jointly in collaboration with MO Dte. The Staff Ride was conducted by Maj Gen Ian Cardozo, AVSM, SM (Retd), Chairman of the Centre’s Board of Management and Maj Gen AJS Sandhu, VSM (Retd) in Sep 2018. It was attended by officers of 10 Infantry Division.

The CMHCS is planning to conduct its next Staff Ride of the Battlefields of Kohima and Imphal this year.