List of Books Overdue 

1 Maj Rishi Raj Malik, LM 72207 1. The Lies that Win : Army Promotions By Kadyan, Raj (P33922) 2. Military Leadership in Pursuit of Excellence Ed. By Taylor, Robert L, and Rosenbach, William E (R01205) 3. 1962: A View From the Other Side of the Hill Ed.By Sandhu, PJS (C16451) 28/06/2018
2 Maj Gen H K Singh, LM 65205 The Great War: Indian Writings on the First World War by Jalil, Rakhshanda (C17794) 17/10/2019
3 Maj Gen J Khanna, LM 61726 1.Evolving Geopolitics of the Indo - Pacific Region : Challenges and Prospects Sarangi, Subhasish (C18036) 2. Indo-Pacific Region: Security Dynamics and ChallengesEd. by Tiwari Sharad, Khanijo Roshan, (C16889) 03/03/2020
4 Shri SK Bhutani, LM 55876 Lingering Crisis in West Asia and North Africa and the Changing Dynamic of Its International Politics. By Sohrab Mohammad, Siddiqui Fazzur Rahman(P37492) 12/03/2020
5 Brig S S Dahiya, LM 67407 The Mcmahon Line : A Study in the Relations Between India, China and Tibet, 1904 to 1914. Vol.2 by Lamb, Alastair (P19625) 06/11/2020
6 Cdr Shishir Upadhyaya, LM 54477 India’s Foreign Policy 1947-2003byDixit, J N(P33053) 20/01/2021
7 Maj Gen MM RAI Lm 48714 1.The Indian Empire at War : From Jihad to Victory, The Untold Story of the Indian Army in the First World War by Morton-Jack, George(P37410) 2. Military Ethics by Aiyengar, SRR(P36947) 26/03/2021
8 Maj Gen H K Singh, LM 65205 1.Allahu Akbar : Understanding the Great Mughal in Today’s Manimugdha S Sharma, (R03281) 2.The Coolies’s Great War: Indian Labour in a Global Conflict 1914 – 1921 by Radhika Singha, (R03283) 05/07/2021
9 Gp Capt M S Venkateshwar, LM 68953 .Kashmir’s Untold Story : Declassified by Iqbal Chand Malhotra, Maroof Raza, (P37536) 21/07/2021
1 Brig Sudhir Kant Hajela (Retd) LM 66475 Power Shift : India - China Relations in a Multipolar World by Singh, Zorawar Daulet (P37571) 25/02/2022
2 Col Ravi Pilllai,(Retd) LM 57022 An Admiral’s Fall : The True Account of Vishnu Bhagwat’s Dismissal by John, Wilson (P30547) 02/03/2022
3 Col SK Dalal,(Retd) LM 31826 1.Surrender at Dacca : Birth of a Nation by Jacob, JFR (P34223) 2. We Dared : Maritime Operations in the 1971 Indo-Pak War by Kholi, S N(P27885) 3. The Sinking of INS Khukri : Survivors’ Stories by Cardozo, Ian(C15955) 4. The Liberation of Bangladesh. v. 1 by Singh, Sukhwant(P30015) 23/03/2022
4 Maj MM Raza(Retd) LM 54521 1.China - Pakistan Military Nexus : Implications for India Ed. by Katoch,P C,Tewari, Sharad.( C18047) 2. Pakistan’s Internal Security Challenges and The Army’s Ability to Overcome Them by Chodha, Shaman (C18053) 04/04/2022
5 Shri Jayant Prasad IFS (Retd), LM 64409 1.Surrender at Dacca : Birth of a Nation by Jacob, J F R (P34222) 2. Witness to Surrender by Salik, Siddiq (P31197) 3. The Betrayal of East Pakistan by Niazi, A A K(P30035) 11/04/2022
6 Dr. UB Singh,(Retd) AM 126 20 23 1.The India Way : Strategies for an Uncertain World by Jaishankar, S (P37570) 2. India’s Act East Policy., Ed by Josukutty C.A.( P37589) 22/04/2022
7 Air Cmde Biswajit Mukerjee, (Retd) OM 7451 22 25 Mukerjee, (Retd) OM 7451 22 25 1.The Billionaire Raj: A Journey Through India’s New Gilded Age by Crabtree, James (C18239) 2. Einstein : A Life by Brian, Denis (R01739) 29/04/2022