List of Books Overdue 

1 Maj Rishi Raj Malik, LM 72207 Military Leadership in Pursuit of Excellence Ed. by Taylor, Robert L, Rosenbach, William E, (R01205) 28/06/2018
2 Brig S S Dahiya, LM 67407 The Mcmahon Line : A Study in the Relations Between India, China and Tibet, 1904 to 1914. Vol.2 by Lamb, Alastair (P19625) 06/11/2020
3 Cdr Shishir Upadhyaya, LM 54477 India’s Foreign Policy 1947-2003 by Dixit, J N (P33053) 20/01/2021
1 Brig Sudhir Kant Hajela (Retd) LM 66475 1. Bose The Military Dimension : A Military History of INA and Netaji. (P37612) 2. The China Factor : Beijing's Expanding Engagement in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, and Roy-Chaudhury, Shantanu (C18956) 31/03/2023
1 Maj MS Yadav(Retd) OMC 2845 22 25 Operation Cactus : Indian Military Intervention in the Maldives, 1988 by Maharaj, Sanjay Badri (P37642) 16/06/2023
2 Dr. BK Singh, LM 71087 1.Goliath: why the West isn't Winning and that we Must do Aboutit. by Mcfate, Sean (P37658) 2. How China Sees India and the World by Saran, Shyam (P37633) 22/06/2023
3 Col Sunil Mishra LM 72515 Symbols of Authority in Medieval Islam : History, Religion and Muslim Legitimacy in the Delhi Sultanate by Auer, Blain H (P36093) 18/07/2023
4 Capt Jagjot Singh, LM 66199 1.The Dead Room by Mooney, Chris (C15618) 2. The Waiting Room by Mehta, Anupa (C17321) 21/07/2023
5 Col Vanish Rai, LM 67732 1.The Legacy of Nehru by Singh, K Natwar (C11372) 2. Accidental India : History of the Nation's Passage Through Crisis and Change by Aiyar, Shankkar(P36104) 22/07/2023
6 Col AK Chawla(Retd) LM 46361 1.India by Taddei, Maurizio (P16814) 2. Flying Blind : India's Quest for Global Leadership by Zeeshan, Mohamed (P37572) 3. India's Historic Battles: From Alexander the Great to Kargil by Roy, Kaushik(P37590) 4. Contested Lands : India,China and the Boundary Dispute by Raza, Maroof (C18566) 27/07/2023
7 Col Rahul Kumar, LM 67119 1.1962 and the McMahon Line Saga, By Arpi, Claude (P36161) 2. Haunted By Chaos : China's Grand Strategy From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping. by Khan, Sulmaan Wasif (P37395) 27/07/23 27/07/2023