List of Books Overdue 

1 Dr. BK Singh, LM 71087 Goliath: why the West isn't Winning and that we Must do Aboutit. by Mcfate, Sean (P37658) 22/06/2023
2 Maj S S Yadav LM 67995 1.The Power of Your Subconscious Mind byMurphy, Joseph(P36314) 2. The Courage to be Disliked : How to free Yourself Change Your life and Achieve Real Happiness by Kishimi, Ichiro,Koga, Fumitake (C18283) 10/08/2023
3 Lt Gen AK Singh LM 70309 Operation Parakram :The War Unfinished by Sood, V K,Sawhney, Pravin( C15633) 10/08/2023
1 Brig Subhash Kapila(Retd) LM 49508 1.The India Way : Strategies for an Uncertain World by Jaishankar, S (P37570) 2. China Bloodies Bulletless Borders by Bhat, Anil(C18772) 30/11/2023
2 Lt Gen AK Sahni(Retd) LM 65753 Sun Tzu's The Art of War : A Modern Perspective by Khanduri, Chandra B(R03168) 25/10/2023
3 Lt Cdr Bharat Singh(Retd) LM 69502 China Courts, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Jha, UC (R03313) 08/11/2023