BattleField Tours

To acquaint the citizens of India, particularly the youth with India’s rich military heritage, border areas and foster people to people contact with a view to imbibe a spirit of nationalism and the pride associated with it. 

The BattleField Tours will promote the following objectives:
1. Introduction to India’s rich military heritage, history and border regions.
2. Organise tours to epic battlefields and explain about the conduct of battles with particular focus on acts of valour, heroism and supreme sacrifice.
3. Recount the acts of valour of India’s gallantry winners.
4. Acquaint with India’s ancient military heritage such as pre independence battlefields, forts, palaces, archaeological heritage sites, museums and memorials.
5. Acquaint people with India’s far flung border areas and local culture, customs and traditions.
6. Visits to security establishments (within permissible security parameters) and interaction with the security forces.
7. Enhance people to people contact, youth exchanges through organising sports and cultural activities.
8. Give a boost to the local economy and generate employment opportunities.