Services of the Library

  • 1. Current Awareness Services

    Library brings out a fortnightly bulletin “Fortnightly FIRST” with links to selected research articles/studies ‘Information Alert’ from Indian and foreign think tanks over the previous fortnight. Details of new books acquired are also available on this website.
  • 2. Database of downloaded Articles/Reports/Monograph

    Library maintains a database of important articles published in various newspapers subscribed by the library and Copies of selected report/articles/monographs are also downloaded from the net. Access to these is available through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) computer. Photocopies of these can be provided as per the prevailing guidelines. More details can be found here.
  • 3. Reference Services

    Library staff identifies and locates materials on and off campus as per the requirement of its patron. Provide reference service by attending to queries and assist users to find out the information inquiries ranging from factual questions to complex questions, and also perform comprehensive database searching. We feel happy to assist members with reference queries, but we may refer the members to other libraries or information sources if we deem it appropriate. Assistance is also provided for maximising usage of its resources effectively. Point-of-use instruction is also provided for online catalogue access and search (OPAC).
  • 4. Bibliographic Service

    Members can demand a bibliography out of the collection available on Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). While the soft copy of such a bibliography can be given free of charge, its print out can be availed at Rs. 2/- per page. Bibliographies on specific topics are compiled and provided to members on request.
  • 5. Rare Books

    The Library’s Rare Book Collections are a repository of the Armed Forces. Academic/ Historical material, including photographs, maps, prints and artifacts can be accessed for reference.
  • 6. Army List

    Indian Army List 1890-1993 (Except 1960-1969)
  • 7. USI Archive

    USI Archive
  • 8. New Additions

    New books are kept on display for a month to make members aware about new acquisitions and List is also put on our website.
  • 9. List of Newspapers and Journals

    The Library receives 80 periodicals and 5 newspapers, both national and international. Some of these, periodicals are bound annually and preserved for reference. This list can be viewed here..
  • 10. Digitisation

    To preserve old volumes of USI journal, these have been digitized.
  • 11. Inter-Library Loan Services

    The Library not only provides ready access to its collection for the users, it also draws upon the collections of other libraries through inter-library cooperation. The Library is a member of DELNET, the largest library network in the country covering more than 6167 Indian and foreign libraries. It endeavours to meet the requirements of users through this network also.
  • 12. Photocopying Services

    Copying of Library material is subject to the Copyright Law and other restrictions. It prevents the Library staff from providing photocopies of an entire book demanded by a member / user. A manned photocopying facility is available for users as per the Library Rules on payment basis.
  • 13. Internet Facility

    Internet facility to Members is available in the Library. The members can use their own laptop within the library premises and also avail the Wi-Fi facility. The members can get printout at a price of Rs. 2 per page. Online Catalogue Searching OPAC is made available to find out availability of the required document in the library.
  • 14. USI Museum

    USI has a treasured collection of medals displayed in the Library hall duly captioned, dating back to the beginning of the East India Company’s campaigns. It can be viewed by members.
  • 15. Recommendation regarding Books/Journals

    Members may recommend books/journals to be added to library as per the recommendation sheet available at counter.
  • 16. Suggestion Register

    To facilitate members, a register is kept on the Library counter for suggestions for improvement in the functioning of the Library. The register is regularly put up to the Deputy Director and Editor/Director for appropriate action.