New Arrivals of Books

October 2022 to July 2023 

India, Ireland and Anti - Imperial Strugle : Remembering the Connaught Rangers Mutiny, 1920. Edited by Jyoti  Atwal and Eunan, O'Halpin, Delhi, Aakar, 2021, 233p., Rs 1695/- ISBN 9789350027387 

Chronicles of a Gorkha Soldier.  by R V Singh,  New Delhi,  Vij Books, 2022, 209p., Rs 995/- ISBN 9789393499363

History of the  Corps of Singals : Covering the First 25 Years of the Post - Independence History of the Corps from 1947to 1972 Vol.3. by VK, Singh New Delhi , Directorate General of Signals , 2014, 543p., ISBN NA

The Lurking Hydra : South Asia's Terror Travail.  By  Subroto  Mitra, New Delhi ,Pentagon Press, 2022, 194p.,Rs 995/-ISBN 9789390095551

Saga of a Soldier. by Baljit  Singh, Lucknow, Book Rivers, 2021, 59p., Rs180/-ISBN 9789355150271

House of Terror : An Insider's True Story. By  Anwar, New Delhi , Kautilya books, 2022,183p.,Rs399/-ISBN 9789390885725

The Commissioner for Lost Causes. by Arun, Shourie,  New Delhi , Penguin (Viking), 2022,600p.,Rs 900/- ISBN 9780670096404

Heroes of 1971 :The Bravehearts of the war That Gave birth to Bangadesh. by  Rajesh, Ramachandran, India : Harper Collins, 2021,286p.,Rs 499/-ISBN 9789354893278

Medieval India : From Sultanat to the Mughals Mughal Empire (1526-1748). by Satish Chandra, New Delhi, Har-Anand Publications Pvt. Ltd, 2021, 550p., Rs 1250/-ISBN 9789388409629

75 Indian Stratagems Read - Lead - Succeed : A Prized Treasure of Ancient Indian Wisdom. By Artrac, New Delhi : HQ Artrac, 2022, 75p., Rs1200/-ISBN

How China Sees India and the World. by Shyam Saran, New Delhi , Juggernaut Books, 2022, 286p., Rs799/-ISBN 9789393986016

The Sukraniti.  by Benoy Kumar Sarkar, New Delhi , Oriental Books, 1975,270p., Rs550/-

National Security in the New World Order: Government and the Technology of Information. by Andrea Monti, Raymond Wacks, London , Routledge, 2022, 170p.,Rs 995/- ISBN 9781032223711

Nepal's Instability Conundrum : Navigating Political, Military , Economic & Diplomatic Landscape. by Purna B Silwal, Nepal : Institute for National Security Studies Nepal, 2021, 373p., Rs1295/-ISBN 9789937091442

Air Power : and Emerging Technologies. Edited  by Anil E Golani, Vijay Shankar Rana, New Delhi : Knowledge World, 2022, 223p., Rs1400/-ISBN 9789391490973

Deep State  Continuum in Pakistan & Implications for India. by  Jyoti M Pathania, New Delhi : Knowledge World, 2022,174p.,Rs1280/-ISBN 9789391490621

Japanese Foreign Intelligence and Grand Strategy : From the Cold war to the ABE ERA. by Brand Williams, New Delhi : Knowledge World, 2022,279p.,Rs 1280/-ISBN 9789391490591

Men of Steel : Military Leadership for India. Edited  by AK Singh, Yash Mor, New Delhi, Knowledge World, 2022, 187p., Rs 680., ISBN 9789391490188

Nuclear India : From Reluctance to Triad.  by Sanjay Badri Maharaj, West Midlands , Helion and Company Ltd., 2021, 80p., Rs1995/-  ISBN 9781914377044

Operation  Cactus : Indian Military Intervention in the  Maldives, 1988. by Sanjay Badri Maharaj, West Midlands : Helion and Company Ltd., 2021, 60p.,Rs1703/- ISBN 9781914377020

A Soldier for Life My Story : The Story of my Experiences in the Indian Army , the Assam Regiment, India - Pakistan 1971 War, India's North East Jammu & Kashmir and the India's Tibet Border. by J R Mukherjee, New Delhi, Vij Books, 2021,408p.,Rs 995/-ISBN 9789390917723

Central Asia is Teetering on the Brink : The Kazakhstan Bellyache, Hayyat Tahrir al - Sham, Liwa Al - Muhajireen wal - Ansar, Malhama Tactical, Tavhid va Jihod Katibasi, the Islamic State [IS], Taliban, and Prospect of Nuclear Terrorism. by Musa Khan Jalalzi, New Delhi : Vij Books, 2022,300p.,Rs1750/-ISBN 97893499424

Chinese Military Legal System : An Analysis. by UC,Jha and Kishore Kumar Khera, New Delhi, Vij Books India P v t Ltd, 2022, 300p., Rs1750/-ISBN 9789393499585

Indian Army Chronicles of Bravery Awards : The Medals and Ribbons. by J, Francis, New Delhi , Vij Books India P v t Ltd, 2022,252p.,Rs1250/-ISBN 9789393499790

Jihadist Tendencies and Global Terrorism on Soft Targets. by Saron Messembe Obia, New Delhi , Vij Books, 2022,75p., Rs695/-ISBN9789390917600

On the Brink the US , China and the Nuclear War Shadows. by Jalalzai, Musa Khan, New Delhi , Vij Books India P v t Ltd, 2022,223p.,Rs1595/-

The ISI War Crimes and Murder of Civilian Culture of Intelligence in Pakistan. by Jalalzai, Musa Khan, New Delhi , Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2021,229p., Rs1595/- ISBN 9789390917617

The Taliban Misrule in Afghanistan : Suicide Brigades, the IS - K  Military Strength and its Suicide Vehicle Industry.  by  Musa Khan Jalalzai & Sanchita, Bhattacharya, New Delhi , Vij Books India P v t Ltd,  2022, 200p., Rs1650/- ISBN 9789393499929

Bullocks , Grain, and Good Madeira : The Maratha andJat Campaigns 1803- 1806 and the emergence of an Indian Army. by Joshua, Provan v, West Midlands , Helion and Company Ltd., 2021,183p.,Rs2500/-ISBN 9781913336547

Vallant Deeds Undying Memories Anthology on IPKF in Sri Lanka July 1987 to March1990. by Atul Kochhar, India ,Notion Press.Com, 2021,228p.,Rs599/- ISBN 9781684946150

Two Decades of US-Taliban War in Afghanistan. by Samay Ram, New Delhi , Sabre & Quill Publishers, 2022,164p.,Rs 164/- ISBN 9789391970253

1962 : The War that Wasn't. by Verma, Kunal, New Delhi , Aleph Book Company, 2016,425p., Rs 995/-ISBN 9789382277972

Goliath: why the West isn't Winning and that we Must do about it. by Sean, Mcfate, London , Penguin Books, 2019,318p.,Rs699/-ISBN 9781405938655

The War Diary of Asha San: From Tokyo to Netaji's Indian National Army. by Bharati Choudhry and Asha Sahay, India, Harper Collins, 2022,225p., Rs599/-ISBN 9789356291409

China's Game Plan in Ladakh : Imperatives for India. by SL Deshmukh, New Delhi , Knowledge World, 2022,134p.,Rs 680, ISBN 9789394915022

PLA Modernisation and Force Restructuring. by Vivek Sehgal, New Delhi , Knowledge World, 2023, 296p., Rs1680/- ISBN 9789391490720

The Contribution of the Jubbulpore Mutiny to India's Freedom  : Did the INA Also  Have a Role?. by VK Singh, New Delhi, Knowledge World, 2022,184p.,Rs880/- ISBN 9789394945084

The Global Nuclear Landscape : Energy, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament.  Edited by Manpreet Sethi, New Delhi , Knowledge World, 2022,277p.,Rs1360/- ISBN 9789391490539

Xi Jinping : China's Third New Era. by Jayadeva Ranade, New Delhi , Knowledge World, 2022,400p.,Rs1680/-ISBN 9789391490522

Ethnicity in North East : An Analytical Study. by Sanjay  Kumar, Amit ,Kumar Ghosh and Neelam,  New Delhi, G B Books, 2022, 186p., Rs1095/- ISBN 9789383930692

Evolving Security Dynamic in West Asia and India's Challenges. by Anil, Trigunayat, New Delhi : Pentagon Press, 2022,280p.,Rs 995/- ISBN 9789390095599

Northern Neighbour Southern Concerns : Political, Strategic and Economic Dimensions of Nepal - China Relations. by Pramod, Jaiswal, New Delhi : G B Books, 2022,325p.,  Rs1295/- ISBN 9789383930913

Pakistan Insights 2021-22 : A Granular Look at Key Issues in Pakistan. by Tilak Devasher, New Delhi , Vivekananda International Foundation, 2022,224p.,Rs.995/-ISBN 9789390095575

China's Revolution 1911-1912 :  A Historical and Political Record of the Cvil War. by Edwin J Dingle, London , T Fisher Unwin, 1912, 304p.,Rs.1250/-,ISBN:- N.A

Colonial Footprint in the Indian Military Legal System : Military Law Then, Now and Beyond. by UC Jha, Kishore Kumar Khera, New Delhi , Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2022, 349p.,Rs.1550/-,  ISBN 9789395675079

Girls in Sainik Schools and Rashtriya Military Schools. by Kush Kalra, New Delhi , Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2022, 138p.,Rs.795/-, ISBN 9789393499646

IDF Israeli Defence Forces : Ground Forces, Operations, Units & Command & Control. by  Dahri Noor, New Delhi, Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2022, 300p.,Rs.1650/-, ISBN 97893499745

Jihadist Tendencies in West Africa Boko-Haram's Game : Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Saron Messembe Obia, New Delhi , Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2022, 116p.,Rs.850/- ISBN 9789393499882

Nuclear Weapons : Untangling the Societal Enigma. by by UC Jha, Kishore Kumar Khera, New Delhi , Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2022, 229p.,Rs.1499/-, ISBN 9789390917198

Pakistan in the Eye of a Thunderstorm : Military, Secret Agencies and Politics of Alliance Musa Khan Jalalzai, New Delhi, Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2022, 143p.,Rs.1250/-ISBN 9789393499912

Religion and Nuclear Weapons : A Study of Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan. by Shameer Modongal,  Seyed Hossein Mousavian, , New Delhi , Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2022,120p.,Rs.895/-, ISBN 97893499592

Strategic Meteorology : Role of Weather in Wars. by Ajey  Lele, , New Delhi , Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2022,225p.,Rs.1150/-, ISBN 9789393499813

Air Defence Gunners At War: India - Pakistan War 1971. by  Mandeep Singh, New Delhi , Manohar Publishers and Distributors, 2022, 278p.,Rs.1550/-, ISBN 97893928797

Air Defence Artillery in Combat 1972 to the Present the age of surface -to- air Mandeep Singh, South Yorkshire , Pen and Sword Books Ltd., 2020,240p.,16.00 (PO£), ISBN 9781526762047

The Military Heroes of Delhi : Gallantry Award Winners by Dilbag Singh Dabas, India ,Dilbag SIngh Dabas, 2023, 323p.,Rs.998/- ISBN 9789356365520

Indian National Army and Subhas Chandra Bose Through Japanese Sources. Vol  2 by T R Sareen, New Delhi ,Life Span Publishers and Distributors, 2020, 306p., Rs.900/- ISBN 9788194458838

Indian National Army and Subhas Chandra Bose Through Japanese Sources. Vol  3 by T R Sareen, New Delhi , Life Span Publishers and Distributors, 2020,189p.,Rs.700/-  ISBN 9788194577904

90 Years of the Indian Air Force : Present Capabilities and Future and Future Prospects by, Sanjay Badri Maharaj , West Midlands, Helion and Company Ltd., 2022, 70p., £16.00 , ISBN 9781915070586

January 2022 to September 2022  

*Blinkers Off : How Will the Counter China.  by Gaurie Dewivedi, New Delhi, Pentagon Press, 2021, 239p.,  Rs 795/-  ISBN 9789390095414.

Concise War Stories of Independent India : A Glance at Nine Decisive Battles. by J Francis,  New Delhi , Vij Books, 2021, 218p., Rs. 995/-  ISBN9789390439515

Counterterrorism and Global Security : Genesis, Responses and Challenges. Edited  by Stanzin Lhasyabs, Shameer Modongala and  Anuradha Oinam, New Delhi ,Vij Books, 2021, 312p., Rs 1250/-  ISBN 9789390917846

Modern Non – Lethal Weapons : Concept, Application, Legal and Moral Perspective. by UC Jha, New Delhi, Vij Books, 2021, 180p.,Rs 995/- ISBN 9789390917624

Our Great War Heroes : Seven Param Vir Chakra Recipients Vol. 1.[True Stories of *Sevan Flaming Warriors of Indian Army].  by Shyam Kumari,  New Delhi, Vij Books, 2021, 223p., Rs 850/- ISBN 9789390439706

Our Great War Heroes : Seven Param Vir Chakra Recipients Vol. 2.[True Stories of Six Flaming Warriors of Indian Army]. by Shyam Kumari, New Delhi, Vij Books, 2021, 166p.,Rs 750/- ISBN 9789390439706

Bangladesh Liberation @ 50 Years Bijoy with Synergy : India – Pakistan War 1971. Edited  by V K  Ahluwalia and  A N Jha, New Delhi, Knowledge World, 2022, 324p., Rs 1280/- ISBN 9789391490904  

Bose The Military Dimension : A Military History of INA and Netaji. by G D ,Bakshi, New Delhi, Knowledge World, 2022 374p., Rs 820/- ISBN 9789391490249

Force in Statecraft : An Indian Perspective.  Edited  by Arjun Subramaniam and  Diptendu  Choudhary, New Delhi,  Knowledge World, 2022, 362p.,Rs 980/- ISBN 9789391490928

India’s Approach to Border Management : From Barriers to Bridges. by Pushpita Das. New Delhi, Knowledge World, 2021, 366p. ,Rs 1280/- ISBN 9789391490003

Opportunities : For India in a Changing World. by Arvind Gupta, New Delhi, KW Publishers, 2021, 326p., Rs. 1280/-   ISBN  9789391490072

*Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan : Origin Evolution and Future Portents*. by Ashok K Behuria. New Delhi , Knowledge World, 2021, 203p. Rs. 880/- ISBN 9789391490027

The Fractured Himalaya : India Tibet China 1949 to 1962. by Nirupama Rao, New Delhi, Penguin, Random House India ,  2021, 609p., Rs 999/-  ISBN 9780670088294

Brahmand World Defence Update 2022.  by Satheesh G Reddy, New Delhi, Pentagon Energy Press, 2022, 419p., Rs 4500/-  ISBN 9789390095537

India, Ireland and Anti – Imperial Strugle : Remembering the Connaught Rangers Mutiny, 1920.  Edited by Jyoti  Atwal and Eunan O’Halpin, Delhi, Aakar Books, 2021, 233p., Rs 1695/-  ISBN 9789350027387

Chronicles of a Gorkha Soldier. by R V Singh, New Delhi, Vij Books, 2022, 209p., Rs. 995/-  ISBN 9789393499363