New Arrivals of Books

January 2022 to September 2022

*Blinkers Off : How Will the Counter China.  by Gaurie Dewivedi, New Delhi, Pentagon Press, 2021, 239p.,  Rs 795/-  ISBN 9789390095414.

Concise War Stories of Independent India : A Glance at Nine Decisive Battles. by J Francis,  New Delhi , Vij Books, 2021, 218p., Rs. 995/-  ISBN9789390439515

Counterterrorism and Global Security : Genesis, Responses and Challenges. Edited  by Stanzin Lhasyabs, Shameer Modongala and  Anuradha Oinam, New Delhi ,Vij Books, 2021, 312p., Rs 1250/-  ISBN 9789390917846

Modern Non – Lethal Weapons : Concept, Application, Legal and Moral Perspective. by UC Jha, New Delhi, Vij Books, 2021, 180p.,Rs 995/- ISBN 9789390917624

Our Great War Heroes : Seven Param Vir Chakra Recipients Vol. 1.[True Stories of *Sevan Flaming Warriors of Indian Army].  by Shyam Kumari,  New Delhi, Vij Books, 2021, 223p., Rs 850/- ISBN 9789390439706

Our Great War Heroes : Seven Param Vir Chakra Recipients Vol. 2.[True Stories of Six Flaming Warriors of Indian Army]. by Shyam Kumari, New Delhi, Vij Books, 2021, 166p.,Rs 750/- ISBN 9789390439706

Bangladesh Liberation @ 50 Years Bijoy with Synergy : India – Pakistan War 1971. Edited  by V K  Ahluwalia and  A N Jha, New Delhi, Knowledge World, 2022, 324p., Rs 1280/- ISBN 9789391490904  

Bose The Military Dimension : A Military History of INA and Netaji. by G D ,Bakshi, New Delhi, Knowledge World, 2022 374p., Rs 820/- ISBN 9789391490249

Force in Statecraft : An Indian Perspective.  Edited  by Arjun Subramaniam and  Diptendu  Choudhary, New Delhi,  Knowledge World, 2022, 362p.,Rs 980/- ISBN 9789391490928

India’s Approach to Border Management : From Barriers to Bridges. by Pushpita Das. New Delhi, Knowledge World, 2021, 366p. ,Rs 1280/- ISBN 9789391490003

Opportunities : For India in a Changing World. by Arvind Gupta, New Delhi, KW Publishers, 2021, 326p., Rs. 1280/-   ISBN  9789391490072

*Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan : Origin Evolution and Future Portents*. by Ashok K Behuria. New Delhi , Knowledge World, 2021, 203p. Rs. 880/- ISBN 9789391490027

The Fractured Himalaya : India Tibet China 1949 to 1962. by Nirupama Rao, New Delhi, Penguin, Random House India ,  2021, 609p., Rs 999/-  ISBN 9780670088294

Brahmand World Defence Update 2022.  by Satheesh G Reddy, New Delhi, Pentagon Energy Press, 2022, 419p., Rs 4500/-  ISBN 9789390095537

India, Ireland and Anti – Imperial Strugle : Remembering the Connaught Rangers Mutiny, 1920.  Edited by Jyoti  Atwal and Eunan O’Halpin, Delhi, Aakar Books, 2021, 233p., Rs 1695/-  ISBN 9789350027387

Chronicles of a Gorkha Soldier. by R V Singh, New Delhi, Vij Books, 2022, 209p., Rs. 995/-  ISBN 9789393499363

History of the  Corps of Signals* : Covering the First 25 Years of the Post – Independence History of the Corps from 1947to 1972 Vol.3. by VK Singh, New Delhi, Directorate General of Signals , 2014, 543p.,

The Lurking Hydra : South Asia’s Terror Travail.  by Subroto Mitra, New Delhi, Pentagon Press, 2022, 194p.,Rs 995/- ISBN 9789390095551

Saga of a Soldier.  by Baljit Singh,  Lucknow, Book Rivers, 2021, 59p., Rs.180/-  ISBN 9789355150271

House of Terror : An Insider’s True Story.  by Anwar,  New Delhi, Kautilya Books, 2022, 183p.,Rs 399/- ISBN 9789390885725

The Commissioner for Lost Causes.  by Arun Shourie, New Delhi,  Penguin (Viking), 2022, 600p., Rs 999/- ISBN 9780670096404

Heroes of 1971 :The Bravehearts of the war That Gave birth to Bangadesh. by Rajesh Ramachandran,  India, Harper Collins, 2021, 286p., Rs.450/-  ISBN9789354893278

Medieval India : From Sultanat to the Mughals Mughal Empire (1526-1748). by Satish Chandra New Delhi, Har-Anand Publications, 2021, 550p., 1250/- ISBN 9789388409