The United Service Institution of India

The USI is a unique institution with unequalled expertise in the field of national security and matters pertaining to defence services. It has built an outstanding reputation over the last 140 years. It is an autonomous institution with a membership exceeding 13000. The USI has ongoing bilateral dialogues with similar institutes in many countries and it is expanding.

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USI Library

USI Library ImageThe primary resource of the USI is its library, which holds over 65000 books and periodicals, some dating back to 16th Century, on a large variety of subjects. There are memoirs, biographies, recollections, manuscripts for scholars and researchers...

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USI Journal

The USI publishes a quarterly journal which has had uninterrupted publication since 1871, including during the two World Wars. It is the oldest surviving defence journal in the country and in Asia. It is supplied free of cost to the members.

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Centre for Strategic Studies & Simulation (CS3)

The Centre aims at conducting detailed and comprehensive enquiry, research and analyses of national and international security related issues. It also conducts simulation exercises.

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Strategic Perspectives - CS3

  • CHINA AND THE INDIAN OCEAN - Cmde Lalit Kapur, (Retd)

  • History tells us of the Chinese eunuch Admiral Zheng He and his seven voyages in the early 15th century, leading a fleet of over 300 ships and more than 27,000 men through Malacca into the Indian Ocean, nearly a century before Vasco da Gama found the sea..


  • A brainstroming session on ‘Security Scenario In West Asia & Af-Pak Region’ was organised at the USI of India, New Delhi on 16 Sep 2014. Strategic Game Setting was prepared by core team of USI and played with the eminent..................


  • The propensity of the West to overlook Pakistan-generated terrorism is well known as it is claimed that Pakistan is itself a victim of terrorism. It is also not a secret that Pakistan uses the media for self-aggrandisement. So, you had news items in The E..


  • The Herat Security Dialogue III, a calendar event of the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies, was held recently on 27 and 28 September 2014. This year’s dialogue was being held against the background of momentous developments both within Afghanistan an..


  • As part of building a strategic relationship, the US is helping Vietnam become the first country in Southeast Asia to harness nuclear energy for generating power. It is in this respect that the two countries recently signed The US-Vietnam Civil Nuclear Ag..

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Ongoing Projects - CS3

  • National Security – Countering Transnational Terrorism

    This study is being undertaken under the “Colonel Pyara Lal Memorial Research Scholarship II” and aims to examine policies and strategies for effective management of transnational terrorism in South Asia.

  • Exploitation of National Space Assets as Force Multipliers for Land Operations

    The study aims to examine the integration of space assets in support of ground operations in its entirety.

  • China’s Strategy up to 2025 and Options for India

    The project would carry out a comparative net assessment of evolving Sino-Indian politico-military and strategic balance up to the timeframe of 2025 and recommend policy options.

  • Strategies for Countering Non-State Actors

    The study would examine the challenge from Non State Actors with a view to evolve strategies to counter the same with particular reference to India.

  • The Military Implications of Space & Policy Implications for India

    The project would study the importance of space as the emerging centre of gravity of military and economic development and examine policy implications for India.

  • Strategic Directions - China

    The project would study the national and military strategies of India and China and the ramifications of China’s rise.

  • India's Comprehensive National Power

    The project aims to study the present models of Comprehensive National Power and evolve a model that takes a comprehensive view of Indian National and Military Power.

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Centre for Armed Forces Historical Research (CAFHR)

The Centre aims to encourage the objective study of all facets of the history of the Indian Armed Forces including the military history of the colonial and pre-colonial eras...

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Recent Projects - CAFHR

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Correspondence Courses by USI

The Institution runs regular correspondence courses for officers of the Armed Forces to assist them in preparing for Promotion and Defence Services Staff College / Technical Staff College examinations.

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Centre for United Nations Peacekeeping (CUNPK)

CUNPK organises workshops, seminars and training capsules for officers of the Indian Armed Forces and the friendly foreign countries, selected for deployment in UN Peacekeeping missions. It also oversees the practical training of Indian contingents. CUNPK is a prominent member of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC) and has been running the Secretariat since 2005...

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USI Blog

Members can contribute to USI blog page by sending their articles on through email.

Visits / Discussions

  • 20 Nov 2014 –Ambassador Mien-Sheng Hsu, President, Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, Taipei accompanied by Mr Wei-Chung Chang, Division Director at the Institute and Ms Frances Chung Fee Lee, Deputy Representative,Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre, New Delhi called on Lt Gen PK Singh, PVSM, AVSM (Retd), Director, USI.
  • 11 Nov 2014 –USI in collaboration with International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), London organised a Second Workshop on “Defence, Deterrence & Stability in Southern Asia” on 11 November 2014 from 1000 hr – 1630 hr.


Research Topics (2012-2014)

  • Military Usage of Space
  • Military Dimension of Coercive Diplomacy
  • Maritime Security
  • Strategic Engagement: A policy Framework

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Ongoing Research Projects


  • India's Comprehensive National Power (CNP)
  • National Security – Countering Transnational Terrorism


  • Joint USI-MEA Great War Centenary Commemoration Project
  • History of Indian State Forces
  • Customs and Traditions of Indian Armed Forces

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Group 'A': "Jointness in the Armed Forces : Existing Gaps and Desired Capabilities" - Open to All Officers

Group 'B': "Challenges of Leadership, Morals and Ethics in the Armed Forces and the Way Forward" - Open to Officers upto 10 Years of Service

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