1. USI of India is undertaking DSSC Entrance Exam Preparatory Courses for IAF offr aspirants. Please see USI of India website Course Section Vertical.

2. Details as under: -

       (a) Military History & Emp of Air Power - Correspondence Mode.

           (i) Course fee Rs 3000+*Rs 1500

       (b) Current Affairs, National Security & Geopolitics.

            (i) Course fee ONLINE Course Rs 4000 + *Rs 1500

           (ii) Correspondence Course Rs 3000 + *Rs 1500

3. * Rs 1500 is the USI Course membership fee if not a Life / Ordinary member already. To be paid only once for the year which will cater for both subjects.

4. Register by e-mail earliest and pay by Link provided / Net banking to gain max benefit.