• A weedback was taken for choice for physical conduct of Contact Pgmes versus online model. Most students who have to travel long distance preferred online model, whereas students from Delhi and around preferred physical conduct. USI will therefore be conducting the future CPs on Hybrid Model.

(a) There will be no change in the registration procedure of contact Pgmes from earlier years. The procedure is covered in the website as well as in prospectus and instructions att.

(b) The offr registered for CP will intimate min two months in advance from first day of CP. whether she/he will attend it physically or online. In case no comn to that effect is recd, it will be assumed that the off will attend the CP online, as elaborate adm arngs are required to be org for physical classes

(c) The offrs attending physically will be in Syndicate Room, which will be virtually connected to the offrs attending online; hence the same discussion will be attended by both.

(d) The correction work, discussion with Directing Staff for offrs attending physically will be conducted through physical interaction within the same week.

(e) The correction of Notebooks of offrs attending virtually will also be done physically once recd through post/courier and will be dispatched accordingly. The DS-student interaction to discuss student specific corrections will be conducted virtually.

(f) Detailed instrs will be issued for each of the contact pgmes later.

The modalities of conduct of CP for ONLINE mode will be as under: -

(a) All question papers for six subjects of CP will be dispatched to offrs, who have subscribed for it prior to CP. The webinar links from Monday to Saturday will also be sent along with the question papers. The same link will also be fwd to the concerned DS(s). Maps/sketches are being sent by post to offrs one week prior to CP.

(b) On First day, the course will commence with the lecture of Director Courses on guidance for preparation, answering technique and other issues related to improving the performance at 0930 hr All student offrs are requested to be seated/log in 10 minutes before that.

(c) The lecture will be followed by Guidance and Q/A session for Tac B paper. This will also be attended by panel of DS, who can log in at 1100 hr. The session will end at 1330 hr. Offrs are required to appear in mock test of Tac B from 1400 hr the same day in their respective places.

(d) Same procedure will be repeated each day till Saturday with one subject being covered each day.

(e) After the offrs have answered all six papers they will dispatch the answer books to USI on the last day, by speed post only. The same will be corrected and sent back to the offrs at the earliest We will send the suggested answers alongwith the notebook. In your own interest, please do not delay dispatching answered questions, otherwise you will minimise the gains from undertaking CP by not getting adequate opportunity of discussion with concerned DS, on your corrected notebook.

(f) Detailed instrs will be issued for each of the contact pgmes later.

The fee structure for CPs will be as under (Also see Prospectus 2024):-

(a) DSSC for all subjects (Mock test & Discussion) - Rs 6000/-

(b) DSSC (all subjects study mtrl only) - Rs 3000/-

(c) Part D all subjects less Spl to Corps (Mock test & Discussion)-Rs 5000/-

(d) Part D for selected subject only (Mock test & Discussion)-Rs 1500/- per subject

(e) Part D for study mtrl all subject-Rs 2500/-

(f) Part D only study mtrl for selected subject

CA, MH, Tac-Rs 1000/-

Adm, Law-Rs 750/-

  • The Contact Programmes for DSSC/DSTSC Sep 2024, might become oversubscribed, so register yourself earliest as it is on first cum first serve basis, and to get on your preferred dates. Date of Contact Programmes: (a) CP-1-17 to 22 Jun 2024. (b) CP-11-01 to 06 Jul 2023. (c) CP-III-15 to 20 Jul 2024.

  • Contact programmes for part D will be conducted from 19 to 24 Aug 2024. 

  • Please go through the instructions very carefully and you can plan accordingly.

  • For the webinars offrs can join in through your computers/laptops or mobiles. It is recommended that you locate yourself at a place where internet/4G is available for that week. For those offrs who are unable to reach out, hard copy of every study material will follow in any case. In case of any change in address, Offrs are required to intimate earliest, so that the map reaches in right time.

  •  All DS are requested to put their mobile No on corrected notebook. On getting back the corrected notebook, the offrs are required to tie up with the concerned DS, the time of the interaction and amg the google meet by sending the link by whatsapp to the DS.

  • These revised instructions issued will also be displayed on our website in "Msg from Director Courses in due course, however the specific link will only be issued to the offrs, who have subscribed for the specific CP and the DS Body along with question paper. Addl instructions, if any will also be displayed in Msg from Director Courses / USI of India website.