Epitome of Career Progression Programmes for Indian
Military Since Last 150 Years

The centre aims to improve professional competency of serving officers of all services, besides assisting them in preparing for Promotion and Competitive Exams, systematically and comprehensively.


  • o   Started holding military war games in mid 1880s.
  • o   Started assisting officers to prepare for exams in tactical fitness for command & promotion in 1903.
o   Started programmes to assist officers in preparing for Staff College in 1910.
o   By 1914, there were 23 programmes offered to interested officers on payment.
o   Since 1958 conducting courses for promotion exams & DSSC/DSTSC Competitive exams, and Professional Military Education (PME) Course of Indian Navy. Only institution in the country conducting course for DSSC/Navy.
o    Air Force Officers also take USI DSSC Course for their entrance exam. 

Success Rate

The success rate in competitive exams has been approx. 80-90%.
  • o   In 5 years of Pre-Pandemic Courses, out of 1911 vacancies available for DSSC/DSTSC/ALMC courses 1503 were secured by the officers who undertook courses/contact programmes of the USI. In res category 83 out of 117 were student officers of USI. 17-18 out of 20 Competitive vacancies. Results placed on website every year.
  • o   During Pandemic (2020, 2021 & 2022) all courses were conducted on line successfully.
  • o   In Part B Exam held on online model, 100% students passed in 1st year, later pass percentage of USI students has been 30% higher than the average of overall result in Part B and D.
  • o   Prep of study material for Army and Navy (Incl online tests for Navy).
  • o   Online and Hybrid Model of courses being conducted at USI, in addition to physical courses. Infrastructure for both is available.


Conduct of Online Command Pre-staff Course (OPSC)
  • o   It’s an honour for USI of India to be entrusted with the responsibility of conducting the Online Phase of CPSC from 2023.
  • o   The Online Phase of CPSC will include Current Affairs (CA), Science and Mil Tech (SMT) and Mil History (MH).
  • o   The total duration of CPSC will continue to be 42 days (28 days Contact Phase to be conducted by Commands and 14 days Online Phase to be conducted by USI of India).
  • o   Multiple Online Courses will be conducted to provide suitable options/flexibility to aspirant officers to attend the course as per organisation/personal commitments. commencing from Feb to May.
  • o   In conduct of the Online Phase of CPSC, all the facilities offered to officers in erstwhile offline CPSC of 2022 will be replicated, albeit on online mode. Modalities of attendance by the officers will be over civil internet platformsthrough computers/mobile phones with 4G/5G connectivity. The Online Course will be conducted on WEBEX video conferencing tool. Min three days of instructional activities, one day of mock tests and additional doubt clearing for each of the subjects (SMT, MH, CA) will be ensured. The Online package will comprise of Online classes, Doubt clearing sessions, Mock tests, Lectures by specialists including some serving officers, issue of printed Precis, handouts, updates and other study material, Audio and visual presentations and Post Course guidance by tele conversation/video conferencing at officer’s request with specialized DS.

Modality of Correspondence Courses

  • o   Correspondence Courses are conducted at USI of India for all subjects of DSSC/DSTSC competitive Course, Part B Promotion Exam and all subjects of Part D Promotion Exam less special to Corps. For Indian Navy Correspondence Course is being conducted for Professional Military Education (PME). Air Force Officers also take correspondence course for few subjects for DSSC exam.
  • o   Courses are oriented towards preparing officers for promotion & competitive exams in planned & sequential manner.
  • o   Correspondence Courses are conducted through dispatch of Course material, publications, Question papers are provided at regular intervals for all/chosen subject(s). The schedule is notified in the beginning.
  • o   Syllabus laid down by the Service HQ.
  • o   Test papers set by experienced officers, on the pattern of the actual exams, & cover all important aspects of subject(s) in a graduated manner.
  • o   The final test paper in each subject covers the entire syllabus for the subject(s), as a dress rehearsal, just before the actual exam.
  • o   Students answer test papers in their own time under examination conditions and send the answer sheets by post.
  • o   Answer sheet are corrected by an experienced Directing Staff, & returned to the officer, duly marked with detailed comments and personal guidance notes.
  • o   Suggested answers are sent for guidance of the students along with answer sheet.
  • o   Study material including maps for Military History, to make understanding of prescribed military campaign easier and biographicy is provided along with application of op art, wherever applicable, to students.
  • o   For Current Affairs comprehensive quarterly supplements covering International and Domestic scenes are sent.
  • o   The Course Material is revised & updated every year.
  • o   Results of all exams are analysed at the end of Courses and the weaknesses are addressed in the next Course.
  • o   Feedbacks are incorporated. Study material and modalities are thus aligned to actual exams, policies changes in services and needs to enhance professional capabilities of serving officers.
  • o   Prolonged Guidance, corrections and interactive learning remains the focus of Correspondence Courses.

Interactive Nature of Course

  • o   The Courses have been remodelled as ‘Interactive Course’.
  • o   Enrolment to the Course entitles students, to seek clarification and amplification on subject(s) by correspondence/emails.
  • o   Additional Handouts given based on pattern of questions asked by students in interactive mails.

  • o   Three CPs of six days each are conducted in June –July (Just before exams) for officers, who have prescribed for it.
  • o   CPs are conducted at USI, in Delhi on Hybrid mode. Officers who cannot attend CPs physically can attend through online mode. Separate test papers set for each subject for all programmes.
  • o   Dry run for actual exams.
  • o   Mock Test, correction and discussion.
  • o   Guide students on exam and answering techniques.
  • o   Clarify doubts on entire syllabus for all subjects.
  • o   Discussion on question papers issued by USI or from other sources.
  • o   Explain imp subjects/issues.
  • o   During pandemic, CPs were conducted on line model. The CPs in 2022 were successfully conducted in Hybrid Model.
  • o   USI is plg to undertake CP for Part D, especially for officers on the verge of losing seniority/compulsory chance for DSSC, subject to No of registrations.


  • o   Faculty of Retired and Serving officers. Specialists, Min HC/NDC/Instructor Class A and DSSC qualified having passion of paying back to org. Over 100 officers on panel from Lt Gen to Col. Student to DS Ratio 10:1.
  • o   Permanency of staff. Institutional knowledge.
  • o   Panel of instructors delivering talks in Higher Command Course, DSSC, Corps Programmes, Joint Services Capsules and NDC Exercises.
  • o   Instructors are provided to various CPSC on demand, for the offline phase being conducted by the Commands.

  • o   Infrastructure available for Physical as well as Online mode. Tech enabled classroom with smart boards, upgraded audio-visual facilities.
  • o   Adequate ground Staff.
  • o   Institutional Knowledge and experience.
  • o   Digital payment facilities are available.
  • o   Informative Website
  • o   Simple Online Registration process involves just two emails for registeration.
  • o   All details given on Quick link Courses on website of USI of India
  • o   Excellent Library, dining and limited lodging facility available.


Maj Gen SB Asthana, SM, VSM, PhD (Retd), Director Courses

Col PK Mukherjee, DS (Coord)

EPABX  20862320 Extns  207 (Dir Courses),

208 (DS Coord) & 210 (Supdt Course Sec)

Email :