USI-NAM British-Indian Military Heritage Partnership

The National Army Museum (NAM) and the United Service Institution of India (USI) are working towards building a military heritage partnership. This would aim to further research, conserve and make accessible collections and material which relate to the shared heritage of the British Army and British Indian Army up to 1947 and to support activities which enable and encourage the exchange of best practice between British and Indian military museums for mutual benefit. The aim of the partnership is to outline the role of each organisation in developing a strong, enduring and mutually beneficial joint British-Indian military heritage partnership.
As part of the British-Indian Military Heritage Partnership between the National Army Museum, UK (NAM) and USI, Secy CAFHR attended the Regimental Museums Curators Course at the NAM in April 2019.
The Secy CAFHR participated in the Battlefield Tour ‘The Fight for Florence’ organised by National Army Museum in September 2019. He covered the role of the 4th, 8th and 10th Indian Divisions in the Tiber Valley and the capture of Florence. The Secy CAFHR also contributed an article to the NAM magazine titled Always Lean Forward: The Indian Divisions in Italy 1943-45.