India’s Battles: A Series

USI-CAFHR is working to release a series of battlefield guides to be published by Harper-Collins India. The series, titled ‘India’s Battles: A Series ’ will comprise initially of six books focusing on the following battles

  • Kohima/Imphal 1944 by Mr Hemant Katoch
  • Delhi 1857 by Sqn Ldr Rana Chhina
  • Meerut 1857 by Dr Amit Pathak
  • Lucknow 1857 by Dr Rosie Lewellyn Jones
  • Kanpur 1857 by Mr Andrew Ward
  • First Anglo Sikh War 1845-6 by Mr Amarpal Singh

The idea behind the project is to highlight not just the historical account of the battles but focus on battlefields and promote battlefield tourism to these historic theatres of war.