The Centre for Military History and Conflict Studies was established under the aegis of the United Service Institution of India at the request of the three Service Headquarters, the purpose being to encourage objective study and research into various aspects of the history of the Indian Armed Forces.

It needs no elaboration that prospective scholars rely on old records, documents, photographs and interaction with veterans of the various operations undertaken by the Indian Armed Forces in order to pursue their projects. To assist them in their effort and in furtherance of a long term aim of making the Centre a repository of archival material on the subject, members are requested to make available to this Centre any documents (including training pamphlets/notes), papers, tapes, photographs, diaries, medals, memorabilia or any other material that could contribute to its activities.

All bestowals/endowments will be properly catalogued, cross-referenced and preserved for posterity as an original contribution to our Nation’s military heritage.
Material may be sent to the Secretary CMHCS. For any clarifications please contact 011-26147474 or send a mail to