The Centre for Military History and Conflict Studies (CMHCS) was established in December 2000 under the aegis of the USI at the behest of the three Service Headquarters for encouraging an objective study of all facets of national and international conflicts and military history with a special emphasis on the history of the Indian Armed Forces.


Aim of The Centre is to encourage research in various aspects of the Indian Armed Forces including strategic, tactical, logistical, organisational, socio-economic policies – and their implementation.


1. To award Research Fellowships

2. Establishment of a full-fledged oral archive.

3. Prepare an integrated record management policy for implementation by the Indian Defence Establishment in order to stress the importance of military records and to assist in their preservation. Maintain a properly catalogued digital archive of press clippings and articles dealing with defence related matters.

4. Pursue a case suggesting that all future official histories undertaken by the Government of India, Ministry of Defence History Division be prepared by interfacing with the USI CMHCS which can provide the necessary inputs and expertise regarding the military aspects of operations, this aspect can be incorporated into the History Division’s SOP.

5. Battlefield Studies Concept represents a favourable method of conveying lessons from the past to present-day military situations for current application. The issue that the Battlefield Studies Concept addresses can illustrate most any principle of war, or lesson at strategic, operational or tactical level. Besides highlighting the good strategy and tactics of a successful operation (e.g. Op Vijay – The Kargil War), it is even more important to emphasize what went wrong!

6. Establish a Forum where people interested in Indian Military History can meet informally and exchange views and ideas concerning the subject.

7. Organise periodic seminars on military history in order to encourage the study of military history not only within military circles but on a broader national academic spectrum as well and also provide research assistance and consultation to any agency interested in studying Indian military history themes, on payment basis.