Pakistan’s Internal Security Challenges And The Army’s Ability To Overcome Them – Col Shaman Chodha

Pakistan faces serious internal security challenges in form of communal, sectarian, political, ethno-nationalist, lslamist divide and violence as well as ever increasing terrorist and insurgent attacks. Most of these internal security challenges stem from ideology of Pakistan and the state's failure to develop an inclusive form of nationalism. Moreover, Pakistan’s insistence of using lslamist groups as levers of its foreign and security policy has further complicated the security environment of the nation. The policy of nurturing some militant groups as assets and eliminate those who fight the state has failed.  Over the years it has created a society where these militant groups have spread their tentacles and are now well entrenched.

Rise of ethno-nationalist movements in Balochistan, KPK, Punjab, FATA and POK along with religious radicalization of the society and an ever increasing religious divide between Shia and Sunni, Ahmedis, Barelvis pose grave internal security challenges to Pakistan. Ironically the problem and possible solution to most of these challenges is the strongest institution of Pakistan state, The Pakistan Army. Pakistan Armed forces have directly ruled the nation for more than three decades and indirectly over the remaining periods since partition. The Army itself faces many internal challenges such as binary stretch due to its deployment in internal security and its impact on conventional war capability, increasing lslamisation of its personnel, deteriorating security situation, skirmishes on its borders with Iran, India and Afghanistan and security of “China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)” to name a few. The response to these challenges will determine Pakistan’s army success/failure in overcoming the nation's security challenges. How far will the Armed forces be able to overcome the Internal Security Challenges will depend upon a great deal on its intention, capability and method adopted. This book is an attempt to understand the various security challenges being faced by Pakistan and the ability of its Army to overcome them.