Enhancing Offensive Cyber Capability at National Level – Col Suraksh Vir

Wars and Nations challenges are no longer limited to military domain. The advancement of IT and Digitisation in all spheres has brought critical elements to vulnerability and exploitation by self and adversary in furthering National aims. The field of cyber offense/defense includes all the activities to protect ourselves and our IT assets against attack and at the identical time denying/ disrupting the same for the adversary. Partnerships with interagency, interagency, intelligence community, academia, industry and allies are critical to our success in and through cyberspace. Cyberspace threats grow and change exponentially, and standard acquisition and equipping processes will not meet current demands. Thus there is an urgent need to integrate synergies and coordinate the disjointed organisations, people, policies and processes in furtherance to common aim of enhancing Offensive Cyber Capability/Response at National Level.