USI-ICWA UN Webinar Challenges of Mission Leadership in UN Peace Operations

USI is conducting a series of webinars on the UN themes in collaboration with ICWA Since 2021, for the cross-fertilization of ideas and generating policy recommendations for reforms and restructuring of the UNPKO. Till now five webinars have been conducted.

War Disabled Personnel of Indian Armed Forces: Challenges, Concerns and Aspirations

Soldiers/Sailors/Airmen sacrifice their lives & limbs for many reasons, like national, regimental and unit pride; high level of motivation; courage; call of duty; and above all the understanding that the nation will look after their next of kin (NOK), if they meet their death on the battlefield or are looked

Major Navdeep Singh: USI War Wounded Foundation Event

Talk by Maj Navdeep Singh, Author and Legal Luminary Need for Formulating a ‘War Disabled Persons Special Disability (WDPSD’s) Act’ for War Disabled Personnel and its Important Components.

Vision and Transformation of USI 2030: Maj Gen BK Sharma, Director General, USI

Major General BK Sharma, AVSM, SM and Bar (Retd), Director General, USI in this video talks about his vision to transform USI. The considered vision includes to ‘consolidate transformation of USI into a digitally enabled premier Track 1.5, multi-disciplinary national security policy research institution, with core competency in strategic security, scenario gaming, military doctrinal thought, historical research, career progression learning programs and defence diplomacy while preserving its rich heritage and unique character as India’s oldest think tank’. USI of India is India's oldest and premium tri-service think tank of founded by Major General Sir Charles Macgregor. In the last 150 years since its inception, the USI of India has emerged as India’s pre-eminent think tank on matters of national security.The USI has acquired a unique multi-disciplinary character vis-à-vis other think tanks in terms of its activities, which range from historical research to publications of diverse literature, career progression of military officers, and a niche in net assessment, scenario building and strategic gaming. The video has been recorded by Brains Trust India. Brains Trust India is a program that believes in building bridges with knowledge. The British High Commission is a partner in this movement.

Israel - Hamas War: As it Stands

USI Strategic Dialogue The conflict has been ongoing for nearly two weeks, with Hamas launching a precise offensive that left Israel surprised and the world bewildered. In response, Israel has retaliated with full force, indicating that the two factions are locked in combat for the foreseeable future. To provide insight into this complex conflict, we are joined by Gen SB Asthana, a globally recognized Strategic and Security Analyst with a Ph.D. in International Relations from JNU. With over 250 publications and appearances in more than 2500 global TV shows and debates, General Asthana has received prestigious awards from the President of India, the UN, and the former Prime Minister of Moldova. The discussion focuses on: What Are the Root Causes of the Israel-Hamas Conflict? Understanding Hamas's Strategies and Objectives Israel's Strategies and the Feasibility of Eliminating Hamas, as claimed by PM Netanyahu Unpacking the Complexity of the Israel-Hamas Conflict