Title Authors Journal Issue Vol./No. Pg. No. PDF View
Infantry Tactics of the Future. (Second Prize Essay - Silver Medal 1887-88). Maj GF Yang, July 1888-September-1888 XVII/72 253 View
The War Game: Its Uses & C. (Lecture at Kamptee on 17 Apr 1888). Brig Gen HM Bengough, April 1888-June-1888 XVI/71 119 View
Military Self - Defence. Maj E L Loyd, April 1888-June-1888 XVI/71 137 View
The Tactics of Artillery. (Summary of Notes prepared by Maj ER Elles). Prince Kraft, April 1888-June-1888 XVI/71 143 View
A Scheme for the Reduction of Grass Cutters of Native Irregular Cavalry Proceeding on Active Service Col CJ O Fitzgerald, January 1888-March-1888 XVI/70 1 View
A Plea for the Adoption of the Company as the Best Unit of Command in Instruction and Training and S Lt Col WE Gowan, January 1888-March-1888 XVI/70 10 View
Alphabetic Orders. Maj JG Curtis, January 1888-March-1888 XVI/70 16 View
Account of Experiments Carried Out at the Gunpowder Factory, Kirkee During 1887. Col FJ Caldecott, January 1888-March-1888 XVI/70 17 View
The Mountain Artillery in Russia. Sub Conductor JJ Konigs, January 1888-March-1888 XVI/70 27 View
Trans - Caspian Military Railway. (Translated by Col W Luckhardt). Dr O Heyfedier, January 1888-March-1888 XVI/70 46 View