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Manipur - The Way Ahead Brigadier Dinesh Mathur (Retired) , October 2023-December-2023 CLIII/634 571 View
A New Discourse on Indo-Maldives Relations: Challenges and Opportunities Tanya Jain, October 2023-December-2023 CLIII/634 582 View
Space Domain Awareness: The Global Common Lieutenant Colonel Amandeep Singh, October 2023-December-2023 CLIII/634 595 View
The Enduring Bonds: Soft Power Diplomacy in the India-Bhutan Relationship Dr Beena, October 2023-December-2023 CLIII/634 606 View
What Lessons can be Drawn from Russia-Ukraine Conflict by Indian Army with respect to Modernisation and Capital Procurement Colonel Ashish Dutta, October 2023-December-2023 CLIII/634 617 View
Recent Book Reviews October - December 2023 Book Reviews, October 2023-December-2023 CLIII/634 630 View
USI Journal July 2023 - September 2023 USI Journal, July 2023-September-2023 CLIII/633 0 Show View
Editorial July 2023 - September 2023 Group Captain Sharad Tewari, VM (Retd), July 2023-September-2023 CLIII/633 331 View
Recalibrating Defence Indigenisation Lieutenant General NB Singh, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd) , July 2023-September-2023 CLIII/633 335 View
Strategic and Geopolitical Shifts: Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan’s surging Resilience and India’s Security Calculus Dr Soumya Awasthi, July 2023-September-2023 CLIII/633 348 View