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Author : Ashok Nath,
Year : 2008

January 2009
Hardback xxi + 828 pages

Packed with historical data assembled from a wide variety of previously unavailable sources, together with over 2000 images which have required years of in-depth research to assemble, this ground-breaking book deals with every cavalry regiment known to have existed in the armed forces of India and Pakistan from 1750 up to 2007.

The author has concentrated on the complex lineages of the regiments, identification of their badges, ethnic compositions and battle honours. A comprehensive mass of information is arranged in an orderly manner for easy access under three sections covering the periods 1750 to 1921, 1921 to 1947 and 1947 to 2007.

Supplementary to this, but vital to an understanding of the subject, are chapters that explore the evolution of the mounted arm on the Indian subcontinent, policies relating to ethnography and recruitment, the volunteer movement and the Auxiliary Force (India) Cavalry, and the forces of the Indian Princely States that were ultimately absorbed into the Indian Armoured Corps. A detailed bibliography is provided for further research.

This book will serve as an authoritative source for serious students of military history searching for a better understanding of the history and lineage of Indian and Pakistani cavalry regiments and how these entities functioned. It will also provide an indispensable tool for collectors of regimental insignia and military medals and a comprehensive guide to the identification and appreciation of badges, buttons and shoulder titles throughout the period.

Ashok Nath is an authority on the history of the Indian Army. Educated at St Stephen's College, Delhi and later University of Stockholm he studied anthropology and history. He served as an officer in the Indian Armoured Corps, mainly on the western sectors with the 1st Armoured Division and 6th Independent Armoured Brigade. He currently researches and teaches part time in Sweden. This is his first book.

Conflict history, habitat and ethnography of Southern Asia remain a major interest and his writings on these subjects have appeared in various international journals and newspapers.

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