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Key takeaways:

      In the current global scenario, characterised by the US and the West's efforts to maintain dominance, countered by China’s aspirations for global prominence, uncertainty prevails. This has prompted nations to seek a ‘middle path’ towards multipolarity. Russia’s historical and geo-strategic significance in its engagement with western countries, amidst challenges like NATO expansion and regime changes, underscores its strategic pivot to Asia. India and Russia, with their longstanding relationship, are well placed to enhance ties. Strengthening cooperation and exploring new areas of collaboration could pave the way for more stable future.


      There is a convergence of strategic interests between India and Russia, highlighting the importance of bilateral cooperation in defence and trade industries. Both countries are exploring opportunities in disruptive technologies and fostering a revitalisation of perceptive dialogue. To ensure vibrancy and resilience in the evolving geopolitical dynamics, India and Russia need to reassess emerging limits and challenges to their relationship. The reassessment should focus on individual interests and sovereign development.